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Audriix – Coming at you like a ‘Stampede’

Audriix opened up for Aly&AJ the sister pop duo touring Europe. I saw Audriix sing at Scala in Kings Cross, London. I’d never heard of her music before but after the gig I made sure she was on my music radar. On came Audriix and from her first song her voice came and grabbed you and shook you to make sure you paid attention to her powerhouse of a voice. The performance was dramatic with lots of choreographed dance moves which mimicked the lyrics to add flair to what was being sung to the audience.

Looking around at the fellow gig goers you could see eyes wide and mouths open in awe of what was an incredible performance from such an independent artist. ‘Stampede’ is Audriix latest single with a video that shows what a force of nature she is.

‘Stampede’ by Audriix A raucous video showcasing her stunning voice.

After the dust had settled from her performance and the main act of the night I got the opportunity to meet up with Audriix after the show. She is a ray of sunshine specifically imported from northern California. A very sociable artist who makes her fans at ease with quick wit and humour. For all the latest news about Audriix go follow her website

Audriix ~ Scala 11th July 2019 Photograph © CloudwatcherUno 2019
Audriix  ~ Scala 11th July 2019 Photograph © CloudwatcherUno 2019

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