Katrina Burgoyne

Katrina Burgoyne hails from the land of Oz and clicked her heels to travel to Nashville. Music has been her passion, her life, her reason for living. Trying to squeeze everything into three suitcases, grabbed her guitar with her life savings of $15,000 dollars and landing in a country where she didn’t know a soul. Katrina took that leap of faith to follow her dreams.

Having grown up in Gunneda in north-eastern New South Wales, Australia. The young Katrina listened, played and absorbed country music into her DNA. An hour away was the town of Tamworth a city famous in Australia as an antipodean Nashville. Katrina was soon adopted by the musicians who would look back on awe as a 12 year old took to the stage.

Katrina Burgoyne from the podcast. Photo: CloudwatcherUno © 2020

In this episode Host CloudwatcherUno sits with Katrina and they talk all things lyrics, songwriting, the best way to grab the attention of cows, why it always rains in Manchester and channeling her passion for music into a way of life.

’25 Cents In The Ashtray’ by Katrina Burgoyne

Katrina talks about what it takes to make it in a new country and making her mark on the centre of country music that is Nashville. We talk about how focusing her energies on the positive has resulted in meeting her producer Steve Kinney (and partner).

Releasing her latest single ’25 Cents In The Ashtray’ and how she is trying to reverse the cliche of the struggling artist to a successful household names like Keith Urban and Morgan Evans. So dream big and believe you can make them a reality just like Katrina Burgoyne. An artist who will grow from strength to strength.

Katrina Burgoyne Photo: Steve Kinney

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William Poyer performing live at Luna, February 2020 ~ Photograph by Matt Bradshaw

William Poyer is as unique as his music. An outstanding lyricist whose words come to life with a passion and haunting elegance that goes beyond poetry into the sublime spoken word of fellow artists Ray LaMontagne and Jason Isbell.

In this podcast CloudwatcherUno sits down with William and discuss his adventures in Mexico City, taking the brave step of moving across the world to find himself and learning to focus on his music and meeting fellow musical souls such as Jairus McDonald and José (Tato) Grageda from the band Peregrino. In those years he learnt a new language, met his wife and they have a beautiful baby boy.

Wiliam Poyer ~ Photograph by Russell Sansom

William has supported Great Lakes Band and Ferris and Sylvester on tour and has performed on stages large and small to connect with audiences with his music. In this podcast we get to hear two acoustic songs ‘Where Do I Begin’ and an unrecorded song ‘Forgiven’ which he will record in the home studio of Ferris and Sylvester.

‘Where Do I Begin’ by William Poyer

For William his passion has always been the acoustic guitar and from there his love of creating hooks, melodies to connect with audiences on an emotional level. William gets to showcase these talents on 10th October by performing in a socially distanced gig at the Old Joinery in Greenwich and a premiere a documentary about artists performing at the Spiritual Bar in Camden on October 22nd / 23rd 2020. Tickets for this event will be out shortly.

William Poyer from the podcast ~ Photograph CloudwatcherUno © 2020

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From L to R ~ Jairus, Ian, Eric and José are Peregrino

Peregrino is a distillation of four souls with their own unique musical experiences brought together by the love of music. Music that is cinematic, orchestral, folk and americana with a latin twist. In their latest album ‘Feels Like Leaving’ the band have captured the spirit of Ennio Morricone and the stunning aural landscape of those westerns with lyrics that merge heartbreak, loss, love and desire with an authentic sound that’s hard to manufacture without living these stories.

The latest album ‘Feels Like Leaving’ by Peregrino

In this podcast CloudwatcherUno sits down with Jairus McDonald (lead vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica) and Eric Miller (electric guitar and back up vocals) you try getting four musicians to be in one place I dare you! We talk about how the pandemic has strangely given these musicians a level playing field in which to focus, write, produce and film videos for their songs. In these times live performances are a distant memory for musicians across the globe so now is the time to reflect and produce art that will inspire, make people dance and warm their souls. This is what we get with the acoustic versions of ‘Fire Away’ and ‘In Your Garden’. We also get to listen to ‘Gather Up Your Daisies’ one of my favourite songs in the album.

The video for ‘Fire Away’ from Peregrino

Are songs poetry, can they be things of beauty? Certainly in some genres the spoken word is given is given life in Hip-Hop but can it work in other genres. The answer is yes especially in Folk Music where the care and attention in bringing a song to life from idea, to the studio and then to an audience takes a certain dedication and arrogance to say to the world ‘Look at This!’ Give me your whole attention from your beer and your phone to listen to such songs as ‘My Revolution Days’.

Sometimes music chooses you or you choose the music. In Peregrino’s case it was a fine line between a life of academia and other paths to one where music in all it’s glorious aspects has now become the only way forward for these musicians. For the future Peregrino will continue to make music and write songs as unique as their shared history and the world is a better place for it.

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Tim Lee Jones (L) and Leroy Powell (R) from Whiskey Wolves of the West

Whiskey Wolves of the West is the best music you’ve ever heard. Don’t believe me? Before you jump in with your choices have you heard ‘I Can’t Take Me Anywhere’ or ‘End of Rope’ what about ‘Sound of the South’ you really need to hear ‘Poor Side of Town’ It’s a bold statement but it’s a statement of undeniable fact. Leroy Powell and Tim Jones are majestic singer songwriters in their own right. Accomplished instrumentalists and vocalists together they bring their musical personas to create the super band known as Whiskey Wolves of the West.

Whiskey Wolves of the West

In this podcast we talk to Tim and Leroy about what inspires them to write about the songs they have, what makes a song not just good but has ‘soul power’. We talk about their musical influences such as Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead and all the music in between that’s influenced them to write and perform on stage. And then there’s the special magic of collaboration between other souls who exchange their words, energy and passion to produce songs like Laura Evans ‘Take Me Back Home’. There was even a collaboration on the beginnings of a song with yours truly as well! Check out the podcast at 28:03 for ‘The Sun is a Long Distant Memory’

Whiskey Wolves of the West

We get to hear four songs in this podcast. ‘Ain’t Giving Up On You ‘, ‘Freedom’, ‘Friend of the Devil’ and ‘Lay That Needle Down’. It was a unique and special honour to listen to these two consummate musicians perform their songs with so much passion and joy in the heat of a Nashville garden.

For now the closest that we’ll get to having them play live in these pandemic times will be their ‘Welcome to the Backyard Party’ which they host on Face Book Live usually at 8pm CST on Saturday evenings. Looking forward they will be releasing a new single and playing outdoor gigs on September 4th in Augusta, Georgia and September 5th in Port Royal, South Carolina. They will also be releasing a second album in October 2020, the first was ‘I Can’t Take Me Anywhere’ which was released in April 2020.

Whiskey Wolves of the West from the podcast. Photograph ©CloudwatcherUno 2020

So go pour yourself a drink and toast to Leroy and Tim, the Whiskey Wolves of the West who end the first season of this podcast and make it a finale to remember.

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Chase Crawford

Chase Crawford is the real deal. 100 percent Country and Western, born in Nashville, raised in Alabama, Texas and all the parts in between. As the son of a travelling Pentecostal Preacher who lead tent revivals across the country Chase absorbed all the musical influences from Southern Gospel, Honky Tonk, Rhythm and Blues and Appalachian mountain music which you can hear right now in the EP “The Neon Lights Go on Forever” The album was finished in 2019 but released in 2020.

Chase Crawford

In this podcast we talk about the history of country music from pioneers like Deford Bailey to modern artists such as Mickey Guyton. And how modern country and western music could not exist without such artists and how instruments such as the banjo hailed from West Africa play such a key component of bluegrass music. When hillbilly music became mainstream it was then marketed as that or as a race record. Eventually many of these black artists became overshadowed or forgotten but their influence can be seen in the music that we listen to every day.

Chase Crawford

We get to hear two acoustic versions of songs from the new EP ‘Be Your Johnny Cash’ and ‘The Problem With Angels’ These two songs showcase the breadth and scope of Chase’s talents. ‘Be Your Johnny Cash’ is a love letter to his wife and he sang this to his bride on their wedding day, it features exceptional word play and is crafted like a carpenter may craft an item of furniture from a block of wood with love care and attention. ‘The Problem With Angels’ is a ballad of love and loss in a relationship and the struggle to keep love alive between two souls.

The new EP “The Neon Lights Go On Forever”

The whole EP comes fully formed with not one note, lyric, guitar riff, banjo twang out of place. It took minutes of inspiration, hours of hard work and years of dedication to produce a stunning album such as “The Neon Lights Go On Forever” So go show some support to an artist who truly deserves your love and attention.

Chase Crawford from the podcast Photograph © CloudwatcherUno 2020

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Lauren Jenkins at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

A little bit of magic happened last night when Lauren Jenkins stepped on stage last night (September 18th 2019) at the re-branded ‘The Grace’ venue. The last date of her latest European tour Lauren showcased her stunning vocals and joie de vivre to an audience hungry to see their musical hero. In a sold out venue the magic began to sparkle in front of people’s eyes.

Lauren Jenkins opened her act with ‘Twenty Years from Now’ a song originally sung by her friend Kylie Rae Harris who tragically died in an automobile accident in New Mexico while Lauren was on tour. The two had met while in Barbados and had become fast friends (incidentally this is also where Lauren met her manager Whitney Pastorek).

Lauren Jenkins at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Lauren told the audience how she had found it difficult to grieve for her friend while touring abroad but was grateful for the support of her fans across Europe who had supported her by coming out to her gigs. At the end of the song tears flowed from Lauren as she also sung ‘You are my Sunshine’ in dedication to Kylie. The audience joined Lauren in singing this song in remembrance of her lost friend.

Lauren then brought her album ‘No Saint’ to life in front of an audience who matched her word for word on songs from ‘Maker’s Mark and You’, ‘Cadillac’, and ‘All Good Things’.

Cadillac by Lauren Jenkins at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Video: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Lauren told of how all that glitters isn’t gold in the world of country music artists. Having moved from New York to Nashville. Lauren had played at many, many gigs across the states where being the opening act meant using Porterloos as a dressing room and trying to explain to her family that she may be a country artist but that didn’t mean she was rolling in dollars. At least not yet.

Give Up The Ghost by Lauren Jenkins

Lauren also told the back story of how she had difficulties with an ex-boyfriend who had cheated on her and how that had inspired her to write the song ‘My Bar’ Working behind the bar she had thrown out the ex when he had brought the other women to the bar she was working in.

Lauren Jenkins at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Lauren freely admits that she is herself ‘No Saint’ and is only doing the best that she can on a daily basis. Sometimes she’s winning sometime she losing.

With the night coming to an end Lauren opened out to the audience as to what songs they wanted her to sing? The requests came thick and fast. Lauren sang ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac and Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’ This was a consummate performance of the song by Lauren bringing a real cheer from the audience. A re-imagined take on the classic with Lauren’s smoky voice replacing Palmer’s distinctive timbre.

Then Laura produced something extra special two new songs ‘American Spirits’ and ‘It Ain’t Love Any More’. Both were phenomenal and I can see these being added to a future album and definitely on Lauren’s next tour.

‘It Ain’t love Anymore’ by Laura Jenkins at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Video: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Lauren ended the evening with ‘Running out of Road’ one of the breakout hits of her album. Audience participation at its maximum and the effect was electric. ‘All Good Things’ have to come to an end and Lauren’s journey through Europe did just that but with a celebration by the artist of her songs and the life she has lived so far.

‘Running out of Road’ by Lauren Jenkins, The Grace, London, 18th September 2019. Video: © CloudwatcherUno 2019

Lauren Jenkins gave the performance of her lifetime at parts, raw, emotional, in others full of bravado and soaring vocals. A true magician who cast a spell over this audience and gained fans old and new.

After the performance Lauren was warm, enthusiastic and genuine in her appreciation of the fans who had come to see her sing. I had waited 7 months to see Lauren sing and she didn’t disappoint. Looking forward to the seeing Lauren when she returns to the UK and seeing a true magician in action.

Lifting Lauren Jenkins off the floor at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Photograph: Whitney Pastorek
‘No Saint’ signed album by Laura Jenkins. I ordered this vinyl as it was the only way to hear Lauren’s voice old school and analog.

Kip Moore, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Kip Moore has written over a thousand songs some of which have seen the light and have been breathed into existence and played before the audience at Roundhouse London on 2nd September 2019. Kip Moore had only just played out to sold out audiences at Cadogan Hall in May of this year and was worried that UK fans would be sick of him. There was no fear of that as the atmosphere was electric. Fans had just seen Jillian Jacqueline perform (see previous post) and were left hungry for more outstanding music from artists at the top of their music game.

‘She’s Mine’ Kip Moore’s latest single.

Entering onto the stage in darkness and opening with ‘Crazy One More Time’ Kip Moore performed for nearly 2 hours for the audience who had packed out the concert hall. Taking sips from his bottle of Jack Daniels Kip rattled through songs at a break neck pace. His voice resonating deeply with a voice that carried effortlessly through the auditorium. I’ve never seen a country audience that energised by a performers music and on stage presence.

Kip Moore, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Supported by a full band and charismatic guitar players who lifted the songs to even higher levels of energy. This was not just country music this was country rock at it’s best. Having seen Brothers Osborne up live and personal I didn’t believe there was an artist who could match the brothers in a live performance. Kip Moore did that and more on this Monday night. My ears are still ringing from the auditory experience.

‘Tennessee Boy’ by Kip Moore
Kip Moore, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Thanking the audience for being so supportive of his music and for selling out his UK shows Kip Moore walked off into the darkness from which he had emerged. The audience were in shock surely their night of pulsating guitar riffing country rock couldn’t be over could it?

Kip Moore, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

The audience shouted out ‘Kip! Kip! Kip!’ for what seemed an eternity and then Kip returned to the stage for an encore starting with the country rock ballad of ‘Bittersweet Company’

‘Bittersweet Company’ by Kip Moore

Between the final songs Kip shared with the audience that he had been born with congenital defects which continues to affect his hearing so much so that he wasn’t sure how long he could continue playing live to audiences.

Kip Moore, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Kip ended the night with his personal anthem ‘Guitar Man’. This song more than others captures the spirit of the man and his music.

“Well, I woke to the rise, sun going down
Still taste the whiskey, still fresh on my mouth
Hot cup of coffee, smoke in my hand
Another day in the life of the guitar man
La de da”

For two hours the boy from Tifton, Georgia had transported world weary Londoners to the sunshine of Nashville. Bravo Kip Moore! You absolute legend.

Guitar Man by Kip Moore
Kip Moore with his band, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019