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Ain’t That Hard ~ Lauren Jenkins

‘Ain’t That Hard’ Video ~ Lauren Jenkins

Lauren Jenkins has just released her new video to ‘Ain’t That Hard’ one of the first of many releases as an independent artist for her upcoming second album. The lyrics capture the fragility of the love and how easy it is to hurt or crush other peoples hearts. Our very nature, history, literature is wrapped around the heart as a living beacon of our desires and wants. A repository for all we are and all we will ever be to another human being.

‘Ain’t That Hard’ ~ Lauren Jenkins. Photography by Brooke Stevens

The video is an extraordinary showcase for Lauren’s talents as she wrote, produced, directed and edited the video with zero budget, crew or gear but with the help of long time friends and collaborators Brooke Stevens as Director of Photography, Gideon Klein as Cellist and Mixed by Howard Welling during a pandemic that has taken over the world. The result is a video that shows the whole world the unique voice that has captured the ears, minds and hearts of fans all over the world.

‘Ain’t That Hard’ ~ Lauren Jenkins. Photography by Brooke Stevens

Ain’t That Hard is the next chapter for Lauren Jenkins as life as a independent artist. After being abruptly dropped by her label Big Machine for reasons known only to themselves, Lauren has taken to the virtual world of Stage It shows and live streams to promote her music to an ever growing audience who can’t get enough of her songs. One of which has become the official anthem in these Covid-19 times ‘Dance In The Kitchen’.

‘Ain’t That Hard’ ~ Lauren Jenkins. Photography by Brooke Stevens

So go and spread the word of an artist who has risen from the flames like a phoenix, stronger than ever to shine who has captured the essence of human emotions with her lyrics, guitar hooks and melodies.

Lauren Jenkins on stage in Cologne, Germany ~ January 2020. Photograph by CloudwatcherUno

Lauren Jenkins ~ All Heart, All Country

Lauren Jenkins at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

A little bit of magic happened last night when Lauren Jenkins stepped on stage last night (September 18th 2019) at the re-branded ‘The Grace’ venue. The last date of her latest European tour Lauren showcased her stunning vocals and joie de vivre to an audience hungry to see their musical hero. In a sold out venue the magic began to sparkle in front of people’s eyes.

Lauren Jenkins opened her act with ‘Twenty Years from Now’ a song originally sung by her friend Kylie Rae Harris who tragically died in an automobile accident in New Mexico while Lauren was on tour. The two had met while in Barbados and had become fast friends (incidentally this is also where Lauren met her manager Whitney Pastorek).

Lauren Jenkins at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Lauren told the audience how she had found it difficult to grieve for her friend while touring abroad but was grateful for the support of her fans across Europe who had supported her by coming out to her gigs. At the end of the song tears flowed from Lauren as she also sung ‘You are my Sunshine’ in dedication to Kylie. The audience joined Lauren in singing this song in remembrance of her lost friend.

Lauren then brought her album ‘No Saint’ to life in front of an audience who matched her word for word on songs from ‘Maker’s Mark and You’, ‘Cadillac’, and ‘All Good Things’.

Cadillac by Lauren Jenkins at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Video: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Lauren told of how all that glitters isn’t gold in the world of country music artists. Having moved from New York to Nashville. Lauren had played at many, many gigs across the states where being the opening act meant using Porterloos as a dressing room and trying to explain to her family that she may be a country artist but that didn’t mean she was rolling in dollars. At least not yet.

Give Up The Ghost by Lauren Jenkins

Lauren also told the back story of how she had difficulties with an ex-boyfriend who had cheated on her and how that had inspired her to write the song ‘My Bar’ Working behind the bar she had thrown out the ex when he had brought the other women to the bar she was working in.

Lauren Jenkins at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Lauren freely admits that she is herself ‘No Saint’ and is only doing the best that she can on a daily basis. Sometimes she’s winning sometime she losing.

With the night coming to an end Lauren opened out to the audience as to what songs they wanted her to sing? The requests came thick and fast. Lauren sang ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac and Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’ This was a consummate performance of the song by Lauren bringing a real cheer from the audience. A re-imagined take on the classic with Lauren’s smoky voice replacing Palmer’s distinctive timbre.

Then Laura produced something extra special two new songs ‘American Spirits’ and ‘It Ain’t Love Any More’. Both were phenomenal and I can see these being added to a future album and definitely on Lauren’s next tour.

‘It Ain’t love Anymore’ by Laura Jenkins at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Video: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Lauren ended the evening with ‘Running out of Road’ one of the breakout hits of her album. Audience participation at its maximum and the effect was electric. ‘All Good Things’ have to come to an end and Lauren’s journey through Europe did just that but with a celebration by the artist of her songs and the life she has lived so far.

‘Running out of Road’ by Lauren Jenkins, The Grace, London, 18th September 2019. Video: © CloudwatcherUno 2019

Lauren Jenkins gave the performance of her lifetime at parts, raw, emotional, in others full of bravado and soaring vocals. A true magician who cast a spell over this audience and gained fans old and new.

After the performance Lauren was warm, enthusiastic and genuine in her appreciation of the fans who had come to see her sing. I had waited 7 months to see Lauren sing and she didn’t disappoint. Looking forward to the seeing Lauren when she returns to the UK and seeing a true magician in action.

Lifting Lauren Jenkins off the floor at The Grace, London, 18th September 2019
Photograph: Whitney Pastorek
‘No Saint’ signed album by Laura Jenkins. I ordered this vinyl as it was the only way to hear Lauren’s voice old school and analog.