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The ‘Wild World’ of Scott Nicholls

‘Wild World’ video by Scott Nicholls

Scott Nicholls has taken the raw material of ‘Wild World’ and has created his own unique take on this beautiful song. Originally sung by Kip Moore from the album of the same name, Scott and his producer Jack Watson who accompanies him on guitar and backing vocals on the video have produced magic. Country magic.

Scott Nicholls with Jack Watson

The full length video recorded for Dixie Fields Fest 2020 will be released on 1st August 2020. A stripped back acoustic video it showcases Scott’s vocal abilities and instrumental talents. I’ve managed to view the full visual experience and fans of country music will not be disappointed with what they see and hear when they watch this release.

The video follows on from the ‘Wild World’ (Lockdown Live Session) that Scott released in May 2020. It’s another stunning performance which features a voice that carries a strength and maturity in such an incredible performer.

‘Wild World’ (Lockdown Live Session) by Scott Nicholls available on all streaming platforms

Go check out the video when it’s released next month. You’ll thank me later.

Kip Moore ~ Guitar Man

Kip Moore, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Kip Moore has written over a thousand songs some of which have seen the light and have been breathed into existence and played before the audience at Roundhouse London on 2nd September 2019. Kip Moore had only just played out to sold out audiences at Cadogan Hall in May of this year and was worried that UK fans would be sick of him. There was no fear of that as the atmosphere was electric. Fans had just seen Jillian Jacqueline perform (see previous post) and were left hungry for more outstanding music from artists at the top of their music game.

‘She’s Mine’ Kip Moore’s latest single.

Entering onto the stage in darkness and opening with ‘Crazy One More Time’ Kip Moore performed for nearly 2 hours for the audience who had packed out the concert hall. Taking sips from his bottle of Jack Daniels Kip rattled through songs at a break neck pace. His voice resonating deeply with a voice that carried effortlessly through the auditorium. I’ve never seen a country audience that energised by a performers music and on stage presence.

Kip Moore, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Supported by a full band and charismatic guitar players who lifted the songs to even higher levels of energy. This was not just country music this was country rock at it’s best. Having seen Brothers Osborne up live and personal I didn’t believe there was an artist who could match the brothers in a live performance. Kip Moore did that and more on this Monday night. My ears are still ringing from the auditory experience.

‘Tennessee Boy’ by Kip Moore
Kip Moore, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Thanking the audience for being so supportive of his music and for selling out his UK shows Kip Moore walked off into the darkness from which he had emerged. The audience were in shock surely their night of pulsating guitar riffing country rock couldn’t be over could it?

Kip Moore, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

The audience shouted out ‘Kip! Kip! Kip!’ for what seemed an eternity and then Kip returned to the stage for an encore starting with the country rock ballad of ‘Bittersweet Company’

‘Bittersweet Company’ by Kip Moore

Between the final songs Kip shared with the audience that he had been born with congenital defects which continues to affect his hearing so much so that he wasn’t sure how long he could continue playing live to audiences.

Kip Moore, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019

Kip ended the night with his personal anthem ‘Guitar Man’. This song more than others captures the spirit of the man and his music.

“Well, I woke to the rise, sun going down
Still taste the whiskey, still fresh on my mouth
Hot cup of coffee, smoke in my hand
Another day in the life of the guitar man
La de da”

For two hours the boy from Tifton, Georgia had transported world weary Londoners to the sunshine of Nashville. Bravo Kip Moore! You absolute legend.

Guitar Man by Kip Moore
Kip Moore with his band, Roundhouse London, 2nd September 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno © 2019