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CloudwatcherUno Podcast S10 Ep 7 ~ Nadine Khouri

Nadine Khouri sits down with CloudwatcherUno on S10 Ep 7 of the podcast to talk about her ‘Dream Pop’ music, her life growing up in London after travelling from Beirut, Lebanon where she was born, exploring New York to make music before settling in Marseille and making her latest album “All That Matters” released through French Indie Label Talitres.

Photo: CloudwatcherUno

It was a joy to see Nadine earlier in the year doing an acoustic set of songs from the latest album at Rough Trade West, her local record shop and one that has been a steadfast anchor in her life musically. Her album “Salted Air” produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey) was included in the Rough Trade Albums of the Year.

“Broken Star” by Nadine Khouri

In the podcast we explore Nadine’s influences, inspirations and ideas around music and the sound that she has captured that is uniquely hers. How as a musician she has been able to transform her dreams into poetry set to music.

Music is Nadine’s passion, her life’s work and is literally the air that she breathes when she performs on stage to audiences. It’s fascinating hearing Nadine talk about what it means to be a musician in this day and age.

“Keep On Pushing These Walls” by Nadine Khouri

Don’t miss out on seeing Nadine play live at Paper Dress Vintage, Hackney, London on Wednesday 14th June 2023. Nadine Khouri London Tickets, Paper Dress Vintage Jun 14, 2023 | Bandsintown

Nadine will be playing live on Wednesday 14th June 2023 at Paper Dess Vintage, Hackney, London.

Click below to join in with the conversation with CloudwatcherUno and Nadine Khouri. Also streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

CloudwatcherUno Podcast S10 – Ep 5 ~ Malin Pettersen

Malin Pettersen talks with CloudwatcherUno for S10 Ep 5 of the podcast. We hear about the inspiration that drives Malin’s music and her albums. From going to Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts , where she studied Popular Music and Sound Technology it was a great foundation for her becoming a musician. Growing up listening to Iris Dement, Gillian Welch and others drove her need to communicate through melodies, music and an outlet for her thoughts and be able to put these into her songs.

“Pause” by Malin Pettersen

We meet at Franze & Evans Cafe Hackney after her show performing at The Americana Music Association UK festival. A great opportunity for artists from America such as Brennen Leigh, Norway Thenorthernbelle and beyond to meet up and share, songs, stories and the stage.

Malin Pettersen

At 3 and half years Malin went to dancing school, she learnt about performing on stage but it didn’t matter if mistakes were made or lyrics forgotten. The most important thing that matters most is to go on stage, play the music together and share her songs and have fun with friends on stage. Growing up Malin found that others didn’t appreciate her need to express herself through talking and communicating her thoughts and channelled this energy into her music instead.

“Queen of the Meadow” by Malin Pettersen

Malin will be revisiting the music of her youth and Justin Timberlake, TLC, Destiny’s Child by consciously using these formative listening experiences to influence the sound of her new album. The new album is being produced and mixed as we speak and will be a departure sonically from her last album Wildhorse with R&B, Pop and other aural adventures added to her new album’s soundscape.

Malin Pettersen

Being with Die With Your Boots On Records gives Malin the freedom that she wants to express herself and would rather be playing at intimate venues so that she connects with the right people who will appreciate her music. Malin has been fortunate to meet people who have supported her through her music, be a good person who cares about others and a dedicated mother to her children. Malin acknowledge the support of her mother Bente Helenesdatter Pettersen and her partner in enabling her to pursue her dreams as an artist.

“California” by Malin Pettersen

Malin will be playing at static roots festival and The Long Road Festival and a release tour to celebrate the new album in November 2023. Click below to join in with the conversation with CloudwatcherUno and Natalie Prauser. Also streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict or wherever you listen to your podcasts.