Sarah Darling ~ Angel of Nashville

Sarah Darling at Bush Hall, London, 13th March 2019

Have you ever met an angel? More specifically an angel from Nashville? Well, I have and her name is Sarah Darling. Sarah Darling is the real thing, with the voice to connect with your heart. Sarah has been making a name for herself and her brand of country pop in the US and UK country scene. Yes, country music exists in the UK and it’s being brought to life with help with artists like Sarah Darling.

Currently her latest album ‘Wonderland’ is number one in the UK country chart. Hardly surprising considering all the touring she has done in the UK promoting her albums. Country music is growing as a genre of music in the UK because the artists and music connect with their tales of heartache, love, sorrow and longing for romance. Universal themes played out with a guitar.

First time meeting Sarah Darling at C2C, March 2017.

Born in Iowa, Sarah moved to Nashville when she was 19 to pursue her dream of a life in music. The album ‘Dream Country’ brought her to the attention of fans across both sides of the Atlantic. Her sound has transformed from being purely US country to a unique blend of US country with UK pop music influences. One of her biggest hits from the “Dream Country’ album was ‘Where Cowboys Ride’, is a love letter to the Midwest. It showcases the voice that has captured country fans hearts.

Sarah Darling at Roundhouse, London, June 2019

I’ve been lucky to see Sarah take over the UK country scene with gigs from Union Chapel, Bush Hall, Green Note Camden, C2C, St Pancras Old Church, Old Queens Head, Roundhouse, London to name a few. The reason from going back again and again is to experience that first joy, that thrill of seeing ‘magic, being performed right in front of your eyes. Of seeing a singer electrify with their performance. To see the magic in their eyes when they connect with an audience.

Forever and Always performed by Sarah Darling and Sam Outlaw. The latest collaboration between these two amazing country artists has proved a big hit for fans .

With Sarah at Bush Hall, 2018
Set List, and signed memorabilia from Sarah Darling, Bush Hall, 13th March 2019

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