Aly & AJ ~ Sanctuary Tour

Aly & AJ (Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka) brought their ethereal pop act to London shares at Scala on 11th July 2019. Already famous in their own rights as actresses for iZombie and The Goldbergs respectively it was as singers that brought them to back to London to kick off the start of their European tour.

@iamaj chose my photograph to showcase her performance at Scala, London, 11th July 2019

It’s been over 10 years since the band brought their music to this side of the Atlantic. Die hard fans had started queuing for the gig from noon on a very humid day but others had gone that extra mile paying £150 each to get precious seconds with the stars and that all important photograph with the sister act. It was all worth it.

The anticipation of seeing something special was building as the clock counted down until Aly & AJ arrived on stage. Support for the duo came in the form of Audrey (see earlier post) who left the crowd pumped up for the spectacle ahead.

Aly and AJ at Scala, London 11th July 2019 Photograph: CloudwatcherUno ©2019

And then stage left Aly & AJ arrived and opened with the crowd pleasing ‘Church’ Immediately fans sang back and in unison with the sisters. Seeing Aly & AJ perform in person, connecting with the crowd showing each emotion of the lyrics was something special. Running through their back catalogue of hits such as ‘Closure’ ‘Star Maps’ and ‘Not Ready to Wake Up’ you could see how much they have grown as musical performers and stars in their own right.

The night ended with an encore and a rendition of ‘Potential Breakup Song’. This may have been goodbye from Aly & AJ but it wouldn’t be the end of the love affair between fans and their music.

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