John Newman ~ Man of Soul

John Newman performing at Patterns, Brighton July 19th 2019
Photograph: CloudwatcherUno ©2019

Phenomenal /fr,nomm(Ə)/ adj. 1 of the nature of a phenomenon. 2 extraordinary, remarkable, prodigious. 3 perceptible by, perceptible only to, the senses.

John Newman is the dictionary definition of what a phenomenon is. A electrifying, mesmerising, mind blowing force of musical nature. Last night at Patterns, Brighton John Newman showed what he could do in a stripped back performance to fans who had travelled across from far and wide to hear him sing.

Currently on his Out of the Blue Tour, John is travelling back to those places and venues which have a special significance for him personally and musically and bringing his northern soul magic to more intimate venues. For him the main reason to do this is to reconnect with that hunger, passion and giving his all to his music and his fans. In October 2019 he will be going on a much larger stadium tour but for now he his half way through connecting with audiences on a deeper more personal level.

‘Stand by Me’ performed by John Newman, at Patterns, Brighton
Video: CloudwatcherUno ©2019

The anticipation for something special, something extraordinary for the senses was in the air. To the sounds of ‘I do like being at the Seaside’ a cheesy reference to the fact that this gig was in Brighton, John came onto the stage very much like a fighter, a fighter who was there to do battle with not only his personal demons, but expectations from record producers and music labels to produce the next ‘big thing’.

Opening with ‘Come and Get It’ this was a call to action for the faithful who had stood out in the wind and rain waiting to see this legend. They didn’t need to be told twice. The crowd joined in with all their heart and soul to become the backing singers to these anthems.

And what anthems they were ‘Use Somebody’, ‘Cheating’, ‘Losing Sleep’, ‘Feel the Love’, and ‘Love me Again’. The energy of the crowd added to John’s performance exploded into vibrations of pure musical heaven. These were songs that originated on a simple piano, in a bedroom, from a retreat in the lake district to number one smashes on the UK charts and success worldwide.

The next chapter in this story will bring more passion for John to pour his heart out into what he does best, singing. Whether it be in stadiums or venues like Pattern, one things for sure I’ll be there.

With John Newman at Patterns, Brighton, July 19th 2019
Signed ‘Tribute’ vinyl by John Newman

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