Artist Showcase with Cooper Greenberg

Cooper Greenberg’s new album ‘SILVERBELLY‘ is out 9 July 2021 which is perfect timing to introduce Cooper and his music through the podcast. The difference between this album and ‘Dream Sequence’ Cooper’s previous 2018 album is that it is more experimental, uses a whole lot of different instruments and Cooper’s taken his time to make sure that the album reflected the music that is in his headspace.

Cooper Greenberg performing live with Patrick Marr

Some of the songs were written in 2015/16 and all started with the guitar parts and in part was used to serenade his partner. At the start of 2020 Cooper was recording music with the full band ‘Favourite Son‘ as well as producing music for this album. Then the pandemic happened and Cooper used this time to collaborate with other artists and bring his music to life.

From 2015 in San Antonio, Cooper would be playing live gigs and that’s how his love for his guitar and performing in front of an audience truly developed. Taking all of those experiences Cooper has produced an album with sensational tracks like ‘More of the Same’, ‘Desert Sweethearts’ and ‘Today is The Last Day I Can Keep This To Myself’. So go listen stream and enjoy the new album and for more behind-the-scenes action than listen to the podcast.

Click below to hear the podcast from CloudwatcherUno featuring Cooper Greenberg. Also streaming on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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